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~ Mara D’Asra: Rabbi Michael Taubes ~




July 23-24, 2015  / 9 Av, 5775


 Tisha B’Av


Please note the unusual schedule on Shabbos afternoon due to the fact that it is Erev Tishah B’Av.

Attached is a summary of halachos provided by Rabbi Taubes which apply when Tishah B’Av immediately follows Shabbos.

Also, please remember to bring your Tishah B’Av footwear to Shul before Shabbos.

Lastly, please make every effort to attend our Friday night “Z’man” Minyan (if you make “late Shabbos”), and to arrive promptly to allow the davening to start on time



This week’s times are as follows:

Candlelighting: 8:02pm ..

Friday Mincha: 8:05pm

Hashkama: 7:15am
Shacharis: 8:30am (SZKS: 9:23am)

Shabbos Mincha: 7:00pm
Shalosh Seudos
Fast Begins: 8:19pm



Maariv followed by Eichah: 9:10pm (approximately)
Shabbos ends: 9:01pm or 9:32pm

SUNDAY, JULY 26 (Tishah B’Av)


7:30am - Shacharis, including Kinnos, with explanations by Rabbi Taubes, until about Mincha time

1:02pm - Chatzos

2:00pm - Mincha

2:45pm - Rabbi Taubes’ class for women on

“The Marranos”

8:55pm - Maariv (followed by Kiddush Levanah)


9:00pm - Fast ends






sheva brochos, l’chaims, bar/bas mitzvahs, birthdays,

anniversaries and other simchas

Please Contact Marty Leibowitz at

for details





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