Our History, Vision, and Message

Congregation Zichron Mordechai (originally called Tzemach Dovid) began as a Minyan meeting in congregants’ homes. We first began at the home of Yaakov and Rachel Stanger in 1990. One year later, we moved to the Danny and Jody Senter residence. Following that, we spent 1992 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post on American Legion Drive.

1992 was an important year for our Kehillah, as we first incorporated in September of that year. We followed that up in July of 1993 with a relocation of our Minyan to TABC, where we would remain for ten years.

In 2003, services were held at the home of Isaac and Wendy Shulman. This would be our final two years of “wandering”. In June of 2005, we moved into our current location, 268 West Englewood Avenue. It was also at that time that we changed our name to Zichron Mordechai in memory of Mark Rosenberg A’H’. Mark was a member of our shul who died in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11.

Our Kehilla is dedicated to fostering a slow and quiet davening that is conducive to davening with Kavanah. We believe that through proper Tefillah, Torah learning, and Gemilus Chasadim promotes our continued spritual growth in Avodas Hashem and our ability to contribute to our community.

Our warm and welcoming shul also provides Shabbos hospitality, youth groups, and a social hall for event hosting. Whether it’s to join us for a Shabbos or celebrate a simcha, we strive to provide a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all our members and guests.